Are you Traveling the Philippines?

How do you travel locally in 2021?  Can you travel? Do you need to be vaccinated? What are the other requirements if you’re not?  Does S-PASS help (and what is it)?

Going surfing? Check out our travel guide for Cloud 9/ Siargao.

Craving for Silvanas? We put together the requirements to visit Dumaguete, the City of Gentle People.

Featuring Filipino Weaving Patterns and Textile Crafts

The Philippines features a rich culture of weaving and cloth making. And step by step it’s gaining recognition on the international stage. Let’s learn about Filipino weaving patterns, what fabrics might be used, and where to buy them. 

Weaving patterns in the Philippines have a long tradition—they don’t just look great, they usually come with purpose: they bring abundance and fertility, they guide the deceased into the after life, or even ward off evil spirits.


Let’s take a glimpse at the rich culture of Filipino weaving and who is working to preserve it.

Cotton is the staple of the textile industry. But it has many downsides: for one, it’s thirsty (you need a lot of water to produce it). Let’s look at locally grown, sustainable alternatives to cotton!

Where can you buy clothes inspired by Filipino heritage, tradition and craft? We found those brands for you—local to Cebu and the Visayas, but also national and international brands!

Where can you buy fabrics in Cebu and online? Check out our list of textile suppliers and fabrics merchants!

Where to buy Healthy Food in Cebu

Looking for healthy food in Cebu? Check out where you can buy anything from nuts, and non-dairy milk, to plant-based meat!

We collect places in Metro Cebu where you find a decent selection of vegetarian or vegan choices on the menu.


Working from home. Once a privilege for some, now reality for many. But sometimes a change of scenery is great. That’s where coworking spaces come in. Reliable internet, few distractions—they offer productive hours, often at a bargin

Of course, the pandemic has ravaged a once thriving scene in Cebu. With updated listings, we’ll guide you towards the places that are still open. 


Where can you store your bags for a few hours? You have to leave for a month and need to leave your household somewhere? We’ve researched all the luggage storage and self-storage options in Cebu for you!

Balut: The Quintessential Filipino Street Food

Baluuuuut. You’ll hear this on the streets of Cebu and if you’re brave enough you’ll try this local delicacy. But what is balut? What is “balut sa puti”? And how do you eat it? Learn everything about Balut.