June 10, 2024

Cebu Travel Guide

Coworking in Cebu

Proven Strategies For Igniting Business Owner Mindset In Cebu

Discover how the business owner mindset can transform your digital nomad life in Cebu. Learn tips and inspiration. Build your dream business.

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The Best Laptop Anti-Theft Devices For Digital Nomads

Find the best laptop anti-theft devices for digital nomads – smart solutions for cafes, travel, and adventure. Keep your work safe!

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Digital Nomads Must Have These Survival And Security Essentials

This guide discusses the tools and strategies digital nomads must have for a secure, sustainable, and seriously adventurous life on the road.

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Dining in Cebu

Are Pig & Palm Cebu’s Unique Dishes Worth the Splurge?

Michelin-starred magic at The Pig & Palm Cebu promises a splurge that might just be worth it for this coffee-fueled nomad.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Cebu: Best Choices in the City

Are there authentic vegetarian restaurants in Cebu? Check out the list of food places below that offer vegetarian or even vegan options.

Abaca Baking Company in Crossroads: Why I Love It

If home is where the WiFi is strong (and the pastries are flaky), Abaca Baking Company in Crossroads, Cebu might be mine.

Beauty and Wellness

Introducing The Best Outfit For Island-Hopping In Cebu

Digital nomad's guide to the best outfit for island-hopping in Cebu! Find style, comfort, and sustainable choices for an amazing.

Packing For the Philippines: Are You Bringing The Right Luggage?

Packing for the Philippines? This comprehensive guide reveals what to bring and what to leave behind for a seamless and.

Island Hopping Packing List For An Amazing Cebu Escapade

My island hopping packing list includes more sarongs and fewer regrets. Join me for the slow-travel revolution Cebu edition.

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