September 20, 2023
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Abaca Baking Company in Crossroads: Why We Love It


“Abaca”—that’s what you tell the taxi driver at the airport when you’ve just landed, exhausted from your flight. They’ve good food and friendly service, every single time.

The official name “Abaca Baking Company” seems to suggest a bakery, but it’s really a café plus a bakery and restaurant. In the morning you’ll get your coffee and croissants, bagels, granola muesli. For lunch, it’s Cuban sandwiches or a pan full of egg, potato wedges, veggies, and sausages.

abaca bakery

Reasons why you’ll love Abaca

Friendly service

Not sure how they do it, but the staff is constantly attentive and friendly. Simply amazing.

Brewed coffee

Dark, not too fruity and at ₱60 very affordable. And free refills before 10am.

Happy & social

That’s how it feels to me. It’s a place to meet people. In fact I seldomly don’t run into someone I know there.

Good food, big portions

The food at the bakery counter is great and affordable. The food on menu is delicious and the servings, while definitely not cheap, are humongous. Maybe you can finish, but you won’t go hungry.

Wifi & plugs

Unlimited, stable Wi-Fi, many plugs.

Outside seating

They’ve only 2 tables outside, but I love sitting outside without aircon. Since it’s not directly at the street, there is less noise and bad air, too.

abaca bakery

Abaca’s Opening Hours and More

Abaca opens from 7:00 am – 10:00 pm.

  • What crowd? Mix of locals and foreigners. Most people are socializing, some working.
  • Typical prices? Cappuccino: ₱145. Bagel: ₱60. Pan au Chocolat: ₱115. Eggs Benedicts: ₱445. Skillet: ₱550.
  • Credit card? Yes.
  • WiFi? Yes. Stable. Unlimited.
  • Plugs? Yes. Upstairs plenty, one downstairs at the wall bartop. None at the window seats, none outside.
  • CR / rest room? Clean, taken care of
  • Other branches? In Crossroad is the original branch but by now they are many more, for example in IT Park and Ayala mall.

Abaca Baking Company Menu

abaca baking company menu
abaca baking company menu

Our recommendations

  • Breakfast sandwich. The early bird catches the sandwich, because they sell out fast. 10am is usually too late.
  • Eggs Benedict with bacon <3
  • Bagel with Salmon
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Where is it?

Abaca Baking Company is located in the Crossroads strip mall in Banilad, right next to IT Park.

Best time to visit Abaca in Crossroads

Abaca Baking Company in Crossroads are best to visit early morning, when the sun is rising but temperatures are still mild and Cebu is still sleepy. You can grab a book and head to Abaca. Sit outside, drink a coffee and read a bit, wake up with the city. Good stuff.

The best thing about Abaca

The best thing about Abaca though is that it’s consistently good.

Many places provide great service … when the staff feels like it. Or, you get served great food … most of the time.

At Abaca if you go there once and like it, you’ll get that experience & food every time.

When is Abaca not the right place?

  • When you want to be left alone. The place is popular. People are constantly coming and going. And the longer you live in Cebu, the more likely you run into people you know.
  • When you want to avoid carbs. There’s exceptions on the menu, but the temptations are big.
  • When you want to drink a beer with friends. Technically, there is beer on the menu. I’ve never seen anyone drink beer there, though. Not the right place.

Places nearby

Abaca is part of the Crossroad strip mall and any place will be good. Special recommendations:

  • Maya, for Mojitos, Margaritas, Burritos and Salsa nights

Places to go to around Crossroads:

  • Morals and Malice, for drinks and Tango nights.
  • IT Park, a walkable area with plenty food and drink options

Café Georg

  • Really good food, and the food on menu is cheaper than at Abaca. You can sit outside to the back, which is nice. Great cakes

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