Cash Withdrawal Limits of ATMs in Cebu

When you go around the Philippines, you need cash. And you should get it in the bigger places, like Cebu: On smaller islands there may not even be an ATM. Credit cards? Abandon all hope.

Here is the catch: most ATMs enforce a limit ₱10,000 ($191) per withdrawal using a foreign card, and then slap a ₱250 ($4.80) fee on top. So, where can you withdraw bigger amounts and save fees?

Bank with the highest ATM withdrawal limit: UCPB with 40k

The winner:

UCPB maximum ATM withdrawal with ₱40k ($765)

The ATM withdrawal limit is ₱40k ($765), with a fee of ₱250.

Popular locations for UCPB ATMs:

  • Ayala
  • near Castle Peak Hotel
  • Mango Ave (towards DOLE)
  • inside SM City

See the official list of UCPB branches under “Visayas” or search on Google Mapsfor other locations.

If you’re curious, the name is an abbreviation of United Coconut Planters Bank.

We last verified the ₱40k limit in October 2019.

Runner-Up: BPI with 20k

BPI ATMs dispense ₱20k with a ₱250 fee.

Probably not every ATM does. The one we tried, which dispensed 20k, is on the 2nd level of the Ayala Cebu mall, on the 2nd level of the terracaes directly above Abaca Bakery Cafe. This worked in March 2020.

End of 2019 we tried other ATMs and they only dispensed 10k. Maybe they changed it or not every ATM behaves the same way.

Other limits

Here are other banks, either because they have a higher limit than most, or because they’re very common.

  • BDO. ₱10k limit. ₱250 fee. (Verified on January 2019)
  • DPB. ₱10k limit.
  • RCBC. ₱10k limit. ₱250 fee. (Verified in Nov 2019.)
  • Security Bank. ₱10k limit.
  • Wealth Bank. ₱10k limit. ₱250 fee. (Verified in Jan 2020.)

Rumors and other goodies

HSBC next to Ayala mall may allow 50k, but possibly only if you have an account with them.

Citibank at Ayala mall allows withdrawals of US dollars—but only if you’ve a USD account with them.