Cebu to Siargao: Travel Requirements in 2021

Siargao! After all the craze of 2020/21, pandemic, lockdowns let’s ride the surf at Cloud 9 and enjoying the amazing beaches and food around General Luna! But how do you get there in 2021?

Can you just hop on a plane from Cebu to Siargao? (No, you can’t. That would be too easy, right?) So, what requirements have to be met? Do you need to be vaccinated? Do you need a COVID-19 test? If you make it there … is the place empty, or is there a crowd? We’ll share some info about that in this article.

And what about Dumaguete?

Read more about travel requirements when traveling from Cebu to Dumaguete here.

  • You need
    • Flight & booking confirmation (2 nights minimum)
    • LGU acceptance letter (hotel should take care of it)
    • Negative RT-PCR test—48h validity after release of result
    • S-PASS QR code
  • When you’re there
    • Places are open, local tourists (it’s not empty 🙂 ) 
    • Antigen test after 5 days ~P1.4k
  • To go back to Cebu
    • Antigen test near BDO ~P1.4k

What are the requirements to travel to Siargao?

As of Oct 2021, you need an S-PASS QR code and for it you need these things:

  • ID (duh)
  • Negative RT-PCR test result.
    • Official website says: It can’t be older than 48h from the release of the result
  • Booking confirmation for at least two nights
  • Acceptance letter from the LGU
    • This needs the ID, flight confirmation, and a health certificate

Here is the official S-PASS travel requirements page for General Luna, Surigao del Norte.

What are the steps to complete the requirements?

Some requirements depend on others, so here is what we propose: 

  1. Book a flight
  2. Book accommodation (hotel/hostel/resort)
  3. Let the hotel issue you an acceptance letter
  4. Get a negative test result so that the result is within 48h of your flight
  5. Apply for S-PASS QR Code (with booking confirmation, acceptance letter, test result)
  6. Fly (and hope your flight isn’t cancelled, see below)
siargao travel requirements

How long does it take for the LGU to issue the S-PASS QR code?

Usually it’s quick. We’re talking minutes to hours, not days.

I’m vaccinated! Do I still need a test?

Yes. Vaccinated travelers are unfortunately not (yet) exempt from providing a valid RT-PCR test result.

Beware Cancelled Flights

We heard on several occasions that Cebu Pacific and PAL flights to Siargao and back got cancelled (or “delayed by a day“).

While they’ll allow you to refund or offer you a seat on the next flight, the real problem is that your RT-PCR test result has a fairly narrow window.

How’s the situation in Siargao?

Is everything like before the pandemic? Or is General Luna a ghost town?

Well, neither. With the Philippines still closed to international travelers, expect to see much fewer foreign tourists there. However, it’s not empty. With lots of people stuck in lockdowns for a long time, the prospect of a beach vacation in Siargao sounds quite appealing, right? So: plenty local tourists and a lot of places are open—though expect less buzz, of course, since we’re still in a pandemic.

Back to Cebu

Why would you want to go back and leave Siargao??  Just kidding. :p

Cebu is much more relaxed with requirements. All you need is an Antigen test.

Where can I get an Antigen Test in Siargao?

You can get it at the testing site opposite BDO in General Luna. It’s a nose swab and costs P1,360.