Monthly Success Report December 2019

monthly report december 2019

December was an exciting month on our journey to help you live better in Cebu and to learn about running a page. The best thing up front: We surpassed 2k users this month! Thanks to you for reading this, because you’re helping us go even further! 😀

An important lesson we took is that boosting articles is really neat. It goes like this: first you write an article. It should be a complete, good, proper article. You market it as usual and it starts getting traffic slowly climbing up the ranks. After a month, things might start slowing down. At that point you boost the article: you edit it for better language and add a completely new section, something that you forgot about or weren’t sure it’s worth the time to include.

The initial traffic of the article shows you where you should boost. You only boost articles that are worth it. That means, you first write a decent article, and if there is interest, you make it a great article. (Of course there should be interest because you did your research, right? But, yes, sometimes an article disappoints and is just not worth it.) 

And then there was Christmas. (You probably noticed. 😉 ) We were curious to see how it would impact our visitor numbers. It could have gone either way but it turns out on Christmas day we had our lowest visitor count with less than 50.

Let’s look at the exact number of monthly active users for the month of December.


Our goal for December was 4,000 and we missed it by 1,758 . While that itself is not great it was an arbitrary number that felt ambitious enough. As we look at our growth, we can say we’re happy. 🙂

monthly report december 2019

The point of the goal was to make sure we push, experiment and learn. We did. Have a look at past reports for AugustSeptemberOctober, and November. We’re happy we kept up the habit of publishing those reports, too, as they were a good moment of reflection.

How do sessions and page views look like?

We started this month with less than 50 daily active users per day. The trend goes up, yey! Thank you!

December 2019
September to December

More facts & figures:

  • We published 6 blog for this month.
  • We posted 12 times on IG, and the two best performing post were from the newly opened Ayala Mall Central Bloc and from kitskitchenn.

DiscoveringCebu in 2020

We still need to sit together and see where we are and what our goal for the coming year should be. Here are things we know: We’ll continue focusing on promoting Cebu as a place to work online from and we’ll keep updating and extending our coworking space reviews. We’ll continue pointing out good food options and we’ll

On the learning side, we’ll try to figure out how to get more backlinks and big traffic.

As the traffic and the costs of the site will go up, we’ll have to think about recouping the costs. What we won’t do is add Google Ads. We might look at affiliate marketing though, or direct ads from local businesses. We might also build our own shop, which would be another fun thing to learn.

No matter what: 2020 will be exciting! Let’s do this!