Monthly Success Report January 2020

January monthly success report

Oh, it’s February already. Life is busy and our report is late. So, we’ll stick with plain numbers, except two quick remarks:

Souvenirs. They rock. Well, at least our article about souvenirs in Cebu—what typical souvenirs are and where to get them—rose nicely. We didn’t expect that, but apparently people are searching for souvenirs. The best performing search phrase is:

The term “pasalubong” suggests its mostly Filipinos tourists searching and finding our article—and not foreign tourists for whom we wrote this. Unexpected finding!
The other thing worth mentioning is: COVID-19 is impacting even a niche site like ours. Since we’re providing information for people who travel, the decline in global tourism starting end of January is showing in our stats. This will be more visible over the month of February though.

We also have some exciting stuff coming up this month, so stay tuned for the next report!

How do sessions and page views look like?

We started this month with less than 100 daily active users per day. The trend goes up, yey! Thank you!

January 2020
October 2019 to January 2020

More facts & figures:

  • We published 2 blog for this month.
  • We posted 8 times on IG this month. The two best performing post were Sinulog and Mactan airport.

See here for the report of the previous month: December 2019.