Monthly Success Report November 2019

monthly success report november

November has been a good month and we’re happy to report:

1k+ users visited our page this month! We hope we could be useful.

What did we do to get there? Mostly good old SEO optimizing of content. Look at what people search for, make sure that our articles talk about those exact things. For example, our article on balut was sparse on nutritional information such as calories. We added them, and almost immediately the article became more useful and more read.

Our article on Habal2 did even better—it’s now front and center when searching for “habal habal cebu” and even moving up the ranks for a generic search as “habal habal”. So fun to see! 🙂 

habal-habal ranking

An area we started covering is postal codes and maps of Cebu, since we noticed that maps are one of the most searched for terms in relation to Cebu. Expect our maps section to expand as we figure out what maps are the most useful to you!

Apart from “blockbuster searches” we also looked at niches where we might be of use. One that stood out is all kinds of nuts, berries and other yummy things that recently fall under the category of super foods—in particular where to buy them. They’re just so expensive and hard to find in Cebu.

Since we noticed searches for Chia seeds and Murat loves putting them into his overnight oats, we didn’t wait and wrote an article about Chia seeds and where to buy them. And almost immediately the article helped visitors—we got a small but steady influx of them. So, what else are people searching for? Where to buy Flax seeds. Stay tuned about more shopping recommendations in the coming weeks and months!

With all those good things happening, we’re confident we’ll reach 2k visitors this month, which is AWESOME. That’s still only half our original goal of 4k visitors for the year, but we learnt a lot and things are looking good!

That’s thanks to you, so … thank you for visiting!

As usual, we’ll share some statistics. Here, the total number of monthly active users for the month of November.

(goal for December 2019: 4000. Still missing: 2683)

How do sessions and page views look like?

We started this month with less than 20 daily active users per day. The trend goes up, yey! Thank you!

November 2019


  • We published 5 blog post for this month.
  • We posted 12 times on IG, and the two best performing post were motivational Monday and coffee from The Good Cup Coffee Company.
  • Facebook likes 169.