Monthly Success Report September 2019

monthly success report september

September 2019

Here is the total number of monthly active users for September:

(goal for December 2019: 4000. Still missing: 3515)

How do sessions and page views look like?

monthly success report september

We started this month with less than 10 daily active users per day. The trend goes up, yey! Thank you!

monthly success report september
September 2019
Active users from Aug. 1 to Sept. 30


  • The spike around Sept 13 comes from our article Homage to Dean, Video Mage and Dreamer. Murat loves writing about the amazing people he meets, so expect there to be more profiles.
  • With the help of Mimi, new blog posts are no longer such a struggle. We published 6 blog posts
  • That also means Rose has had more time to focus  on social media. We posted 13 times and the two best performing posts were bookmarks from peregrina_ph and vegan treats at juiceria from kitskitchenn.
  • Facebook page likes 137.

Plans for October

  • Way more social media activity—we’ll establish a schedule and a backlog, so it’s not such a stress.
  • Partnerships with other sites. Why not help each other? The more we help each other, the bigger the pie grows for all of us.
  • Another profile, this time of a fascinating Cebuano.
  •  Finish reviewing all coworking spaces (that we know of).

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