Coworking Schedule on Monday, National Heroes Day 2019 (August 26)

national heroes day

Here are the coworking spaces that are open on Monday, National Heroes Day.

ACX Outsourcing HubOpen
A Quiet SpaceOpen
Avant officesOpen
Co.Lab EinlandOpen
Desko Open
Hive CoworkingOpen
OpenMind ITOpen
OpenMind BaniladOpen
The Mezzanine CafeOpen
The Spot CoworkingOpen
The Workplace Cafe BanawaOpen
The Workplace Cafe MandaueOpen
The Workplace Cafe RamosOpen
Vananaz CoworkingOpen
Vibes CoworkingOpen
The Company IT PARK CLOSED for non members
The Company MandaueCLOSED for non members

Read more about coworking spaces in our dedicated page.