Updates on Cebu during COVID-19

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COVID-19 runs havoc in the world. If you’re in Cebu during COVID-19, you might wonder: what is currently allowed or isn’t? If you have been furloughed or lost your job, what government aid could you apply for? And if you are stuck at home: how can you use your time productively?

We are trying our best to help you answer these questions, and to provide sources for you to read up on. Follow us on FB or reach out to us for tips & updates.

National Center for Mental Health Hotlines:

0917-899-USAP (8727) or 989-USAP (8727)

Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) – (032) 232-2072 / (032) 238 5516 / 0961 577 3070

Cebu Provincial Government 

  • Integrated Provincial Health Office – (032) 888-2329 loc. 1271, 1272 / (032) 254-9426
  • Public Information Office – (032) 888-2329 loc. 3011, 3013
Cebu City Government
  •  City Health Office – (032) 233-1494
  • C3 Command Center – (032) 262-1214
  • Public Information Office – (032) 254-8632 / (032)  411-0132

Lapu-Lapu City Government

  • City Health Office – (032)  340-2584 / (032) 340-8626
  • Nerve Command – (032) 341-3771 / 0956 394 1999
  • Public Information Office – (032) 260 4942

Mandaue City Government

  •  City Health Office – (032) 344-0350 / 0933 868 3872 / 0917 325 3697
  • Public Information Office – (032) 230 4500 loc. 1082
Source and for more covid-19 hotlines go to DOH Central Visayas FB Page.

The Current Rules

From March 28-30, 2020 Cebu province including its cities Cebu, Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu are under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). It will last until April 28, 2020. For more details check out a Sunstar Cebu article about ECQ for the province and for the city.

Here are some guidelines you should know. Details are below.

  • Going out: Generally, only one (1) household member can leave their house to buy basic necessities. This person needs a quarantine pass. There is a curfew from 8pm to 5am. You must wear a facemask.
  • Opening Hours: Hospital, Laboratories, Pharmacies, Gasoline Stations can be open 24 hours. Banks, Grocery or Supermarkets, Public markets, Bakeshops, and Convenience stores must close at 8pm. Food establishment are also open until 8pm, but only for take-out orders and delivery services.
  • All public transportation is suspended. Private vehicles and motorcycles are allowed within Cebu City.
  • Borders will be strictly monitored and no person will be allowed to enter or exit Cebu City. Exceptions may apply (i.e for personnel of medical services, emergency responders)
Below are more details and additional restrictions.

Mandatory use of Facemask:

Limited number of customers: 

  • The government limited the number of customers in pharmacies, banks, grocery store or supermarkets, money transfer and hardware at the same time.
  • These businesses are required to provide seats to customer who have not entered the premises while still observing social distances.

Travel outside the province:

  • Seaports closed for inbound passengers: You can leave Cebu province, but you cannot enter it via the sea ports. (see CDN article from May 14)
  • Trade with goods and supplies continues. (www.cnnphilippines.com)
  • No domestic flights from March 17 to April 20. (Sunstar article from May 18) Sweeper flights still go to Manila so that foreign tourists may leave the country.
  • With ECQ, international arrivals are also barred from entering.

Movement within the province (and city):

  • General Curfew 8pm – 5am: You must stay at home.
  • 24-hour curfew for senior citizens and students, starting Mar 22 3pm. (Sunstar article)
  • Quarantine passes required: With ECQ, going out is no longer unrestricted. To fetch basic necessities, you must have a quarantine pass and an ID with you. Only 1 person per household gets such a pass. It is produced by the barangay.   
  • Cargo and trade continue unimpeded.

Liquor ban in Cebu City

Social Distancing

Motorcycle taxis (habal-habal) and Angkas are temporarily suspended as preventive measure for covid-19.

Personal use of motorcycle are not allowed to have backriders. Motorcycle drivers with backrider will be fined P5000 and will be issued temporary operator’s permit. License will be confiscated. (sunstar.com.ph)

Government assistance

P5k for displaced private workers

To all affected employees natiowide, DOLE will give a P5k cash assistance. This applies to all affected workers despite of the status (i.e Permanent, Probationary, Contractual)

Check out Mayor Labellas post for more info on how to apply and the linked DOLE guidelines.

P6k Government's Social Amelioration Program

This will be given to every household (per family, not per individual)  who qualify for the program. 

Families in informal sector with atleast one member who is:

  • Senior Citizen
  • PWD
  • Pregnant Women
  • Solo Parent
  • Overseas Filipino in distress
  • Indigent Indigenous Person
  • Homeless, makeshift dweller
  • Informal Economy Worker
  • Self-employed, subcontractual or pakyaw worker, househelp, public transport driver,  sari-sari store or carinderia owner or worker, vendor, farmer, fisherman, employee affected by “no work, no pay” policy, stranded worker.
For more guideline on this program check Sunstar Cebu.
Source: Sunstar Cebu

Food Delivery Services

Here are options for food delivery services in Metro Cebu.

Free or Discounted Tools and Services

The threat of COVID-19 is global and so is the solidarity. More and more organizations offer free tools & services during this crisis. We’ve collected a few. You might find them useful to help people in need, or you might simply upgrade your skills while stuck at home.

If you hear of other current offers that may be useful for people, message us on FB or drop us a line at hellodiscoveringcebu@gmail.com

Scribd (free reading)

Scribd is a digital library. It’s a subscription services that offers ebook, audiobooks, magazines, and more. As most people are staying at home now due to covid-19, scribd offers a free 30 days access to their library. Click this link: scribd.com/readfree

engageSPARK (discounted SMS & Voice calls)

engageSPARK offers SMS and voice calls as a web app. You can do bulk SMS to notify people of hygiene rules, ask your employees how they are using a mobile survey. Read the full letter from the engageSPARK CEO. Disclaimer: One of us works there—that’s how we know about it.

Normal free

Here are offers that are normally free, too, but that you might find useful for learning.

Hubspot Academy

Hubspot Academy is platform that offers free courses in inbound marketing, and sales education. This is a good way to learn new skills while your at home.


Coursera for campus will be available globally at no cost.