Vananaz: Cheapest Hourly Rate!

vananaz cheapest day pass

Vananaz coworking space is the newest coworking in town that opened recently in J. Urgello St. We had the chance to visit this place last week. There were only around 6 people including us from the whole afternoon that we spent there. It was quiet, even though it was on a Saturday and there is a university nearby.

The place has a cozy vibe. They play music but not loud enough to distract from you getting things done. It has a full length glass wall so there is plenty of natural lightning. Be careful with the artificial light though: if you’re tall enough the dangling lights might hit you on the head. 

Vananaz also will offer food but sadly we weren’t able to try it since the cook was not there on the day. They also offer affordable coffee but the catch is you only have 2 options of either brewed and 3-in-1 iced cold coffee. No hot coffee is available. They also have softdrinks. You are allowed to bring food from outside while the cook is not available. 

The tables are good. And all of their chairs are height-adjustable. International outlet are available at the walls. Like at The Company, they don’t have outlets at the table of the hot seat area so you have to use extension cords. That’s a bummer since they are a tripping hazard.

All Information Technology students are free to use their amenities. You just need to present your ID and you’re good to go!

 Overall our experience was good. The staff was friendly and accomodating. They have stable Wifi. So if you need a quiet place to study and work, be sure to check Vananaz coworking space. They have the cheapest hourly rate that we know of for 25 pesos.

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