We Find Vegetarian Food in Cebu for You

We love vegetarian food. That’s why we’re starting to collect places in Cebu where you have a decent selection of vegetarian or vegan food.

See the list here

vegetarian food
Quinoa & black bean burger at Café Georg

Why? Because by and large, Cebu is a dream for meat lovers. From Korean BBQ and steak to local delicacies such as sisig or lechon, you’ll find your treat.

But it’s a bit more complicated if you’re vegetarian. In fact a couple of years ago that might have been a real challenge.

Not anymore!

Vegetarian food is invading the menus in Cebu. Slowly but surely, you’ve gotchoices. Still, it’s not everywhere. As so often in Cebu you kinda … need to know.

And since we enjoy vegetarian food ourselves—and have plenty friends who do—we collect food places for you.

To be included in our list, it’s not enough to offer a side of mashed potatos or sour cream fries. It’s also not enough if you can ask the kitchen to prepare the salami pizza without the salami, yes, no salami, really.

You know you’re in the right place when you can’t decide what to eat. When there are a bunch of yummy things that fight to be chosen.

As usual, we’re opinionated in what we add. However if you think we can improve the list, then do let us know at hellodiscoveringcebu@gmail.com.

Let’s discover all the vegetarian food in Cebu!

Vitality Bowl at Juiceria Juice Bar