April 17, 2024
Cebu City Food Restaurants and Cafés

Are Pig & Palm Cebu’s Unique Dishes Worth the Splurge?

Michelin-starred magic at The Pig & Palm Cebu promises a splurge that might just be worth it for this coffee-fueled nomad.

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Food Restaurants and Cafés Vegan Options

Vegetarian Restaurants in Cebu: Best Choices in the City

Are there authentic vegetarian restaurants in Cebu? Check out the list of food places below that offer vegetarian or even vegan options.

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Food Restaurants and Cafés

Abaca Baking Company in Crossroads: Why I Love It

If home is where the WiFi is strong (and the pastries are flaky), Abaca Baking Company in Crossroads, Cebu might be mine.

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