October 4, 2023

One Oasis—a patch of green and order in the buzzing, chaotic, evergrowing city that is Cebu. If you stay there, in an Airbnb or because you rent or bought, you’ll enjoy the pool, the club house, the mini-gym … but what if you step outside? Here is the awesome thing: there is all kinds of good stuff around One Oasis, from evening hangouts to food places, from cafes to even a Gokart race track! Check out our map for more!

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  • Sarrosa International Hotel and Residential Suites
  • Fooda Supermarket
  • Castle Peak Hotel


  • (1) Yolk
  • (2) Tightrope 
  • (3) The Daily Grind
  • (4) Cafe Jasmin


  • (5) Corner Bakery 
  • (6) Juiceria
  • (7) La Bella Pizza

Vegetarian food is your preference? Check out our list of vegetarian and vegan food places in Cebu!


  • (3) The Daily Grind
  • (8) Alburs 
  • (9) Rumours
  • (10) Turning Wheels


  • Fooda
  • (11) Wellcome

Places to work

  • (6) Juiceria
  • (12) Murals Coworking


  • (13) Cebu KartZone