The Company Mandaue Coworking Space: Updated Review, Opening Hours and More

The Company Mandaue is one of our favorite places to work. The work facilities are great and the atmosphere is friendly and quiet. See also the new branch in IT Park.

The Internet is stable and fast, and the ambience supports focusing. The occasional video call is private and does not annoy others thanks to two phone booths.

When is it not the right space? When you need sunlight; not much to have there.

We last visited this The Company branch in October 2019.


  • Day pass: ₱400 ($8)
  • 1 week: ₱1500 ($29)
  • 8 days and consumable within 60 days: ₱2000 ($38)
  • 25 days and consumable within a month for: ₱6500 ($124)
  • Get a free day pass for TC Mandaue at

Opening hours

Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

Private offices are accessible 24/7.

Wifi & Internet

  • Stable, fast Wifi.

Where to Find The Company Mandaue: Address and Map

Ground Floor, Building 4, JDN Square,

P. Remedio St, Mandaue City

What's near?

Cheapest monthly pass

The Spot Coworking Cafe is 1.7 km away.

cafe berry

Cafe Berry located in Design Center, good for working.

Balai Cafe

Outlets, Chairs, Lavatory and other Facilities

  • Height adjustable office chairs
  • Plenty international outlets
  • 2 phone booths, free to use
  • 2-seat and 4-seat offices are available, but fully booked as of Feb 2019
  • Parking limited for cars, okay for motorcycle

Meeting Rooms and other Services

  • Conference rooms are available at extra cost

Coffee, Drinks & Food on Menu

  • Unlimited water and brewed coffee
  • Couches with coffee table

Who else is reviewing?

Dannea from wrote an extensive review of The Company Mandaue. It’s from December 2018, check it out!

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