The Workplace Cafe Mandaue: Updated Review, Opening Hours and More

The Workplace Cafe Mandaue is a coworking space in Jamestown, next to Park Mall in Mandaue City. Targeted mostly at students The Workplace Cafe Mandaue features affordable hourly billing and excellent opening hours: it’s always open. 

All The Workplace Cafe branches generally offer everything you need to stay put for a while: a whole menu of affordable food options, comfortable height-adjustable chairs (except for the cubicles), a beanbag napping area and a clean CR (rest room). Electrical outlets are plenty and support a variety of plugs. Wifi is good. Read more about facilities below.

The atmosphere is usually focused. The frontal wall lets in plenty of sunlight, making it a decent place for working. In terms of personal space the normal seating area is tight but alright. Compared to the other branches, Mandaue gives you more space than Ramos but less than Banawa.

Our one grievance with this branch is the cubicles, both on the ground floor and the call cubicles in the middle section: they feature untypically bad seating. And if you’re claustrophobic or simply a bit taller then you might not like the call cubicles all that much, as you basically need to carefully arrange your body to fit in there.

We last visited this branch of The Workplace Cafe in August 2019.

  • October 2019: This branch is now open always open, 24/7!
  • Opened in February 2019!

Rates, Hours & Wifi

Coworking / study area

This is how much The Workplace Cafe charge:

  • For first hour:  ₱50
  • Hourly rate:  ₱35
  •  Day pass:  ₱280
  • Weekly: ₱1400
  • Monthly:  ₱5500

Opening hours

The Workplace Cafe Mandaue is open 24/7.

Wifi & Internet

Wifi is stable and good enough to make calls. (Note there is not really any privacy for calls in this branch.)

Contact Phone number and The Workplace Cafe Mandaue online

Want to make sure a seat’s available? Give The Workplace Cafe Mandaue a call:

+63 (032) 326 1245

Apart from their phone number, they can also be reached on their Facebook page:


Where to Find The Workplace Cafe Mandaue: Address and Map

Jamestown Mandaue,

Mantawe Ave,

Tipolo, Mandaue City

What's near?

acx outsourcing hub

ACX Outsourcing Hub another coworking space. They offer hourly billing.

Looking for a good specialty coffee? Head over to The Coffee Lab.

Outlets, Chairs, Lavatories and other Facilities

  • There are two types of cubicle seats in this branch, and both are a bit of a let-down. The one on the ground floor give you your individual seat, but they’re very tight and the seating is, unlike the other chairs, not height adjustable. The cubicles meant for the call are on a level between the ground and upper seating area and evoke a bit of a jeepney feeling: very tight and unless you’re very tiny you’ll need to Twister yourself into a seating position. 
  • The beanbag area is also on the mid-level. 
  • There is plenty parking for both motorcycles and cars.

Meeting Rooms and other Services

Small meeting rooms: 8 – 10 persons

  • Per hour:  ₱360
  • 3 hours:  ₱900
  • Whole day (8 hours):  ₱2160
Big meeting rooms: 12 – 20 persons

  • Per hour:  ₱500
  • 3 hours:  ₱1250
  • Whole day (8 hours):  ₱3000
 Floor Rental for Workshops / Trainings: 15 – 30 persons
  • Per hour:  ₱900
  • 3 hours:  ₱2250
  •  Whole day (8 hours):  ₱5400
Inclusions: LCD Projector, Whiteboard, Complimentary Drink per person, Unlimited Wifi, Ergonomic Seats.

Coffee, Drinks & Food on Menu

As with the other Workplace Cafes branches, in Mandaue you can order food and drinks from the usual food menu.

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