March 15, 2023

The Workplace Cafe Ramos: Updated Review, Opening Hours and More

The Workplace Cafe Ramos is a coworking space in Ramos, south of Fuente Osmena. Being the first branch and targeted mostly at students of the nearby universities The Workplace Cafe Ramos features affordable hourly billing and long opening hours. The downside is that it can get quite cramped, especially at night.

All The Workplace Cafe branches offer everything you need to stay put for a while: a whole menu of affordable food options, comfortable height-adjustable chairs, a beanbag napping area and a clean CR (rest room). Electrical outlets are plenty and support a variety of plugs. Wifi is good—but suffers when the space is full. Read more about facilities below.

The atmosphere is usually focused, but can get and feel cramped in our experience. There is little sunlight coming in. Both in terms of sunlight and personal space the other The Workplace Cafe branches in Banawa and Mandaue fare much better in our opinion. 

Rates, Hours & Wifi

Coworking space / study area

This is how much The Workplace Cafe charge:

  • For first hour:  ₱50
  • Hourly rate:  ₱40
  •  Day pass:  ₱300
  • Monthly:  ₱5000

Opening hours

Mon – Sat: 10:00 am – 6:00 am

Sunday: 12:00 nn – 6:00 am

Wifi & Internet

Contact Phone number and The Workplace Cafe Ramos online

Want to make sure a seat’s available? Give The Workplace Cafe Ramos a call:

+63 (032) 401 3324

Apart from their phone number, they can also be reached on their Facebook page:


Where to Find The Workplace Cafe Ramos: Address and Map

Yap Bldg., 4,

F. Ramos St, Cebu City.

What’s near?

NomadsHub is right next to workplace cafe. It’s  a coliving hostel and a coworking space.

The Good Cup Coffee Company is less than 5 minutes walk.

Outlets, Chairs, Lavatory and other Facilities

Facilities at all Workplace café branches are solid. Usually, you are fine. This branch has one exception: Wifi.

  • Generally, Wifi and Internet are good. The Ramos branch of The Workplace does have a problem when the space fills up: Then, the Internet connection can get saturated and we’ve had it repeatedly that our video calls became quite choppy. Audio-only calls still worked.
  • The electrical outlet situation is great: they are available everywhere and support a variety of plugs, not just Type A and B. (See pictures below.)
  • Chairs are a big plus of all Workplace Cafe branches: They are height-adjustable and feature armrests. (What should be the norm, really isn’t in Cebu.) Note that they do not have headrests.
  • The CR (rest room) in this branch is clean without bad odor, has a proper seat, and features toilet paper. The only issue we have is that there is only one CR for everyone, so  sometimes you have to queue and wait.
  • Parking very limited for cars and motorcycle.

Meeting Rooms and other Services

Small meeting rooms: 8 – 10 persons

  • Per hour:  ₱360
  • 3 hours:  ₱900
  • Whole day (8 hours):  ₱2160

Big meeting rooms: 12 – 20 persons

  • Per hour:  ₱500
  • 3 hours:  ₱1250
  • Whole day (8 hours):  ₱3000

 Floor Rental for Workshops / Trainings: 15 – 30 persons

  • Per hour:  ₱900
  • 3 hours:  ₱2250
  •  Whole day (8 hours):  ₱5400

Inclusions: LCD Projector, Whiteboard, Complimentary Drink per person, Unlimited Wifi, Ergonomic Seats.

Coffee, Drinks & Food on Menu

This is where The Workplace Cafe Ramos shines: They pioneered the idea in Cebu that the work space provides you everything you need so you never really have to leave. The food menu is a big part of that concept.

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