How to get a new temporary license plate for motorcycles in SM City, Cebu

How to Get a New Temporary License Plate for Motorcycles in SM City, Cebu

Lost your temporary license plate? Ugh—me too! How did I lose mine?

So, that night I was playing roulette in Waterfront and ran out of money. So I told the croupier… just kidding. I probably didn’t fasten the plate well enough. But one day it was there, the next day it wasn’t.

Anyway, I needed a new temporary license plate. Here’s how I got one, and how you can get one.


The store “Stick On Me” prints license plates. For ₱300 they’ll print you a plate. It takes an hour.

Here is what it will look like:

license plate

Where is Stick On Me?

Head over to SM City Cebu, 2nd level, near Northwing.

On one exit of Northwing, near People are People, there are escalators and ATMs. Up that hallway is Stick On Me.

license plate

Stick On Me Contact Number and Facebook

Phone: +63 (032) 511 3071

Here’s the Stick On Me Facebook page:

You’ll need…

  • ₱300 for the plate
  • The dealer’s name. Goes into the lower right corner. (“SKYGO” in the example above.)

How Long does it Take to Make the Plate?

One hour.

I Want a Different Design. What Choices do They Have?

None, there is only that design.

Do I Have to Bring CR (Certificate of Registration) or Proof that this License Plate Number Belongs to Me?

No. 🙂

Attach the License Plate to the Bike

How do you attach the license plate to your motorcycle?

As with most questions in life, cable ties are the answer. They are just so versatile!

Unless you’re the type to have cable ties in your backpack, head to the ACE hardware store on the 1st level. They got a pack for ₱54.