June 13, 2024

Every month, we’ll share our visitor numbers, and any experiments we did, and how they turned out.


That’s basically the same question as…

Why are we doing DiscoveringCebu.com?

We started DiscoveringCebu.com, because it’s needed. For example, too many of our friends said: It’s so hard for vegetarians, there is only like one vegetarian restaurant in Cebu! And … it’s simply not true! Cebu can be an awesome place—if you know where to find it’s goodies. It’s true: If you don’t, then they are hard to find. And that gap is what we want to fill with DiscoveringCebu.com.

The second reason is: we want to learn. We want to build up our skills in content marketing, in SEO, in content managing and in writing. DiscoveringCebu.com is about learning and sharing that learning, so you can learn, too.

Finally—when we get good at it and DiscoveringCebu.com is useful to a lot of pople, we think it’s only fair that we get appreciated. Yes, that means earning money for our efforts.

So why the monthly reports?

The idea comes from sites such as RemoteOK and SmartPassiveIncome, both of which share (or did) how their business is doing. Obviously those guys are crazily successful and we’re nowhere near that, but we love this spirit of openness, so we’ll share our journey. (The guy behind SmartPassiveIncome is half Filipino btw!)

And again, it’s about learning. By sharing our journey, we think we might help and inspire others, like you, to start your own journey. To believe in yourself a bit more. To hopefully do much better than us.

Finally, money. We think, as we learn and succeed, the reports will be useful for potential advertisers or someone who want to collaborate to see how we’re doing openly—it builds trust.

So here we go.

The goal for 2019

Without a goal, it’s hard to know if you’re succeeding. We’ve no income yet, and not enough traffic to get any, so we’ll focus on website traffic for now. Our mid-term goal:

We will reach 4000 daily active users in December 2019.

At the moment we’re at ~300. Woah … is that a doable goal?? Well … we’ve no idea! Let’s find out. It’s going to be fun either way! 🙂

Let’s look at how we’ve been doing in August:

August 2019

We’ve no income that we could share, so for this year we’ll focus on website statistics.

Here is the total number of monthly active users for August:

(goal for December 2019: 4000. Still missing: 3650)


How do sessions and page views look like?

We started this month with less than 10 daily active users per day. The trend shows upwards:

Mention worthy:


12 Articles was published for the month of August.

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